The FEL Valves range of Free Fall Fire Valves are suitable for installation in either horizontal or vertical pipe work, and are designed to  provide a positive, 100% shut off when used as a fuel isolating valve, or  opening, when used as a fuel dump valve. A standard Free Fall Valve assembly  comprises of a valve, lever and weight, together with a fitting kit.

All standard valves are manufactured in cast iron to ASTM A126 Gr B and are approved by both the American Gas Association and Canadian Gas  Association, as well as being ‘UL’ listed. All valves are suitable for use with  fuel oils and gases at pressures up to 14 bar. Valves with screwed connections  have BSP parallel threads, whilst flanged valves are available with either BS 4504 PN 16 flange drillings or to ANSI 125. FEL Free Fall Fire Valves are also available with carbon or stainless steel body and plug materials.

Standard Fire Valves are supplied with a ‘650 Lubricating Compound’, which is a general purpose sealant, suitable for hydrocarbons, other  Lubricating Compounds are available, if you are unsure of the suitability of the 650 Compound for your specific application, please contact us for further  details.

Free Fall Valves may be actuated mechanically or electrically. The majority of installations use mechanical actuation by fusible link,  therefore each Fire Valve is supplied with a Fire Valve Kit, available in three sizes, Small (15 to 50mm valves), Medium (65 to 100mm valves) and Large (125 to 200mm valves). Kits contain varying numbers of Pulley Wheels, Stainless Steel  Cable, Fusible Links, Warning Signs, Cable Connectors and Tension Springs, any  of which may be purchased as individual products.

Electrically actuated Fire Valve systems utilise a standard  valve, lever and weight, however an electrical Release System is used, essentially, allowing actuation by making or breaking an electrical circuit. The  installation of a valve mounted Mercury Switch, Electro Mechanical Release or Wall Mounted Changeover Switch may provide remote signaling of the Fire Valve  status, or allow direct switching of electrical equipment where applicable.

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